Sound Source Provider


The most important factors required to become a sound source provider is that you have access to a rich variety of nature's sounds and the location is relatively free of unnatural sounds. To be free of man made sounds the location must be far away from road, traffic, boats, airplanes, jets and industrial noise. However, in today's world, it is difficult to find that environment.

360 Degree Microphone Array

It will be challenge to have sound sources absolutely free of unnatural sounds. But, if you have a rich variety of nature's sounds available with minimal unnatural sounds, you may still have a great sound source site. The listeners will be able to rate your source. So they will eventually determine who has the best sounding source material.

We are developing a system by which sound source providers that draw and retain listeners will be compensated based on the number of daily listeners averaged over a month on their sound source. To draw sound source providers from around the world, compensation payment will be via PayPal in USD. Tentatively, normal compensation will be $5.00 USD per 100 daily listeners per month. However, to offset the cost of purchasing a custom microphone array, the compensation will be $10.00USD per 100 daily listeners per month until the cost of the custom microphone array has been reimbursed.

Cost of operating sound source will depend on the cost of electricity at your location. To help you understand what those cost are, the custom microphone array will consume about 1KW per day. The rate in Austin, TX. USA is $0.11 per KW. This means in 30 days the custom microphone array will consume $3.30 USD of electricity.